Saturday, December 11, 2010

Unicode Keyboard install for XP

I've just posted a tutorial on youtube showing how to extract and install the unicode Dene keyboards, and how to configure the language toolbar on Win XP. The control panel procedure is slightly different for Vista and Win 7. Hope to have those up before new year.

Keyboards are not yet available for download. Leave a comment asking for a copy by email. I won't publish your comment, but will send you the most recent set of Dene Language Unicode keyboards.

Remember, XP users will need to download the LanguageGeek fonts. Your XP system fonts do not contain all the unicode characters required for the Dene languages.


  1. Hi Jim. Just found this blog, which is very slow of me... Thank you for being in touch. I just need to download the fonts, right, since I'm a Mac user?

    All the best for a blessed Christmas, and talk to you again, Leslie

  2. Hi Leslie, glad you found our blog.

    If your Mac doesn't have a recent enough version of Times New Roman or Arial unicode fonts, then you will need to download Chris's Languagegeek font in order to have all the characters needed for Dene languages.

    So far I don't have access to a Mac unicode keyboard for any of the Dene Languages, but you could use Mike's browser-based web keyboard.

    (see my April blog post titled "TESTING..." for links to fonts and web keyboard)

  3. Successfully installed unicode Dene fonts. Look forward to next step. Instructions were pretty clear. Thank you. Bruce


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